Florist Workshop

Florist is opening its doors to people wanting to learn the process of leatherwork and handbag construction πŸ‘œ The workshops run on Saturdays and are available either as an individual or groups of two.Β 

As working with leather is about feeling and the use of correct tools, the value of learning first hand is hard to beat. You will create your own leather bag that can float in whichever direction you wish to take it ✌

Over a full day, you will be introduced to the main principles, from cutting to construction. You will also be taught about all correctly finishing leather and how to add your own flare. The workshop will also include a crash course in chain-stitch embroidery allowing you to embroider your own design β›“Β 

Classes will be very relaxed in nature because bag making is supposed to be fun and easy-going 🌊 

Classes are $500 for an individual or $800 for two people πŸ‘½Each participant will stride out the door with a Florist tote bag, filled with some new skills and a sterling silver Astral Flower keychain.