Floating Hibiscus Tote Bag
Floating Hibiscus Tote Bag
Floating Hibiscus Tote Bag
Floating Hibiscus Tote Bag
Floating Hibiscus Tote Bag
Floating Hibiscus Tote Bag

Floating Hibiscus Tote Bag

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The Hibiscus Bag is lovingly designed for elevated everyday use in mind. An archetypal shape featuring the free-flowing curves of a Hibiscus Flower. 

Simple yet hardy construction using 6oz natural or drum-dyed leather, ethically sourced from Argentina. The dying process ensures a rich and enduring color that penetrates the leather.

Handmade one at a time in Brooklyn, New York from ethically sourced leather. Each bag is unique.

~13.5" x 12" x 5"
~100% Cowhide.
~Freehand chain stitch embroidery.
~ Nickel-plated Brass hardware.

*Please note: Orders can take up to 30 days to be completed. Florist is a one-person operation and I make everything in the order that they are placed. If you have any questions about this please get in touch :)**


Our Chromexcel leather comes from a multi-generational Horween Tannery in Chicago established in 1905. Each hide is hand-tanned one at a time using old-world tannages and techniques. Chromexcel leather is produced using bark retannage from a family recipe, and then hot stuffed with a secret blend of natural oils and greases for a supple and weather resistant finish. 

We work with natural materials which by virtue have variation or imperfections. Every hide is different, each with its own blemishes/characteristics these should be enjoyed as a sentiment of the animal they came from. We understand that people can sometimes expect a flawless product and while that is what we aim to achieve, we also aren't bothered by cosmetic blemishes in the same way other Handbag labels are.


Our bags are made entirely in-house. Using a number of techniques ranging from hand embroidery/sewing to braiding. Our shoulder straps are made with an 8 strand round braid and all of the seams are braided with a basket weave, we use techniques that take time but ensure longevity. We encourage our customers to put their bags to use daily and to enjoy the unique patina that develops through individual use. All embroidery is done by hand by George Banks on a 1930's Singer embroidery machine. 

Each bag takes approximately 20-25 hours to make.


All of our bags are fully lined with an 8oz brushed cotton twill with our floral print.